A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Regress is a match-3 game with procedural-generated graphics made by Drecyzirb indie studio (@Morgerion and @ressium) during ProcJam 2014.

Swipe and match 3 or more items, score points, but be careful: any wrong match restarts the game. Sounds like the gameplay is simple, but what would you say when items become more and more similar to each other? They all will degrade to gray circles soon, but there are tips to return their colors and shapes back... a little bit back.

Remember: matching 4 and more items is more useful than matching 3 :)

This is pre-alpha of our game, now it doesn't provide scores, it's slightly unbalanced, but it's rather addicting. 

  • Graphics is made only with shaders. Every item is literally a circle which changes its form according to function graphs - astroid, cardioid, rumex, etc.
  • The game is written in C++ and pure OpenGL (3.3/ES2)
  • Cross-platform is supported: now you can play Regress on PC and Android.
  • We use FMOD for audio.

Install instructions

You can either download an archive for PC (and run an .exe file of the game) or .apk for Android. Enjoy!


Regress_Android.apk 4 MB
Regress_Windows.zip 4 MB